Monday, June 19, 2017

Lucy's birthday and Father's Day

After our weekend of beach fun, Lucy and I headed home to Grammy's house for her family birthday celebration. That morning we had called to wish her Daddy a Happy Father's Day and she immediately reminded him that she needed her birthday sash! Papa had also gotten Lucy a tiara which completed her birthday princess ensemble!!

We had a yummy lunch and then before all the birthday fun, the kids gave their father's day cards to Michael. He had already gotten his father's day gift - a new playstation controller. (Since the kids had broken one earlier!)

Then it was time to open presents. Lucy was very methodical in her opening - cards were first, followed by smaller presents, saving the biggest one for last.

Lucy got lots of books, a Barnes and Noble giftcard, a movie theater giftcard, money from Mamaw, Aqua Beads, a latchhook kit, Poppits, a nightgown, a necklace with her name on it, some Bath and Body works stuff, and then her big present - a new rug for her room. The boys were more than happy to help open the big box!!

After presents, Lucy was ready for birthday pie!! She didn't want cake or cupcakes this year, but instead wanted her favorite dessert - chocolate chess pie!!

After presents and dessert, we had some play time at Grammy's and then before we left, we tried to get our annual Father's Day picture. It was a typical Father's Day picture . . . Lucy smiling sweetly along with two crazy boys who are all over the place!!

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