Saturday, October 21, 2017


Our town had a fall festival today called "Shalloween." (The road that goes through downtown is Shallowford.) It was such a cute set up, full of carnival games, a magic show, costume contest, pumpkin decorating . . . .and tons of kids! They had candy, both chocolate and non, as well as lots of little trinket-type prizes. The kids had a great time and we probably would have stayed longer . . . if it hadn't been so hot! (I can't believe it is late October and still almost 80 degrees!)

Alex was the only one who would participate in the sack race. . . about four jumps in, he lost his hair!

The kids really liked the bowling game!

It was so hot outside that we took a quick picture in our costumes and then headed to go and get a frozen coke so we could cool down!

State Fair

We took the kids to the NC State Fair this week. When I was younger, my parents took me and my brothers to the fair by train. We decided that we would do the same with our kids!

We got on the train in High Point at about 8:15 and then arrived in Raleigh around 10:15. The kids were so excited to get to ride on the train.

When we got there, we first went to see a Chinese Acrobat show. We watched them juggle all kinds of different things and contort in ways the body shouldn't move and other impressive feats. The last act was a woman juggling a table. .  with her feet!

After that, we got a snack and drink and then decided to go ride some rides. Lucy was so excited to ride the Cliff Hanger ride.

After that, we went to find the fun slide. The kids liked that so much that we rode it twice!

When we started looking around at the kids rides, the boys were about 2 inches shorter than necessary to ride by themselves. They could, of course, ride with a parent, but then both parent and kid have to pay. So, we looked around and found which rides we could ride.

After we did some rides, we went to get some lunch of chicken on a stick and then went to go find some animals. They had these cute "selfie stations" set up around the fair so you could get a nice picture.

We went to the "animal ark" and saw chickens, cows, and sheep. When we saw the sheep, Alex decided to try and talk to them. This picture cracks me up because it looks like they're actually having a conversation!

Lucy decided she wanted to try to milk a cow. She was able to milk the cow, but said she hasn't changed her mind about career choices. I guess we won't have any dairy farmers from our house.

Here's a video of Lucy's milking experience:

After seeing the animals, we saw lots of giant pumpkins, watermelons and other fruits and vegetables.

After that, we went back to use the rest of our ride tickets before we had to get back on the train.

Our train was delayed, so we killed a little bit of time and went to watch "The Magic Bean" show. Alex got to be one of the participants, which he LOVED. He will tell you that was one of the best things he got to do that day.

A video of Alex on stage:

When we were leaving the show, we passed by a mural where kids could color. At first, the boys weren't interested, but I think once they started they spent a solid five minutes coloring!

We rode a few more rides to finish off our tickets.. . .

We then went and had some dinner since our train was going to be late in getting us home. The boys had gotten cotton candy and so we got Lucy a fried chocolate pie. It must have been good because she ate it all!

We finally got back on the train around 7:00 and then rode back to High Point. When we got home around 10:00, the kids were asleep and the boys didn't even know how they ended up in their beds the next morning. Lucy was very tired the next morning going to school but she made it through. Even though it was a busy, long day, it was lots of fun that the kids have been talking about out all week. :)

A few random things . ..

In between fairs, we've had a few other things going on. Lucy and Michael went to a Father/Daughter dance. I look at her and can't believe how fast she is growing up!! Her friend Claire was there and I think they had a great time.

We had spirit week at Calvary and the boys had a great time dressing up. They had an outfit for every day . . .except for twin day! They refused to participate in that one - they kept asking why anyone would want to have twin day. "Mommy, why do people want to do that?" I guess for them, twin day is every day! Here is their choice of ensemble for "America Day."

The boys also were invited to a birthday party at Chuckie Cheese. (For some reason, they keep calling it "Hucky Cheese" which I think is adorable!) They had so much fun and have now decided they want to come whenever they can!


Speaking of Chuckie Cheese, we also went back to celebrate Lucy's great job on her BOG reading test. A passing score is a 3 and Lucy scored a high 5! She has been having a great first nine weeks in 3rd grade and really seems to love the challenge of her AG classes. 

Dixie Classic Fair

Earlier this month, we went to the Dixie Classic Fair here in Winston-Salem. We had gotten free tickets and we always have fun at the fair. We decided to go one Sunday after church because the weather was so nice.

We stopped first for the pig races. It was fun, as always, but the pig that was representing our section never won.

After pig races, it was time for lunch. Of course, the boys were ready for chicken on a stick!

Lucy decided she wanted to try an Ostrich Burger. She said it didn't taste any different than a regular burger!

Michael and I were disappointed because we have always gotten pierogies from a stand that wasn't there this year. Maybe they moved their location, but it was so sad not to be able to have a fair favorite. I settled for a funnel cake and lemonade instead.

We went over to the fire house display. The kids got to do all kinds of exercises like "Stop, Drop, and Roll" and rolling up fire hoses. Then the kids got to drive a power wheel firetruck. Alex was up first and he was able to drive from point A to point B with no problem. Charlie and Lucy . . . . well, let's just say that I've already told Michael he's going to have to be in charge of teaching them to drive because I don't think I can handle that!

After driving the firetruck, you go to spray the fire hose to put out the fires in the house. Everyone loved getting to do that.

We went into the education building and saw the artwork from the different schools; Lucy always enjoys getting to see her friends' artwork displayed. Then we went into the butterfly tent where you can feed the butterflies. It was a much smaller display than last year, but Charlie and Lucy still enjoyed it. Alex decided he had no interest this year!

After the butterflies, we were going to go and ride a ride, but the fair had gotten incredibly crowded and so we promised the kids that we would ride extra rides when we went to the state fair later in the month. We went ahead and left around 3:30 and as we left, the line of people outside at the ticket counter was overwhelming! As much fun as the fair is, it definitely isn't that much fun when it is overcrowded! :)