Sunday, December 24, 2017

Day 24!

Another busy day - can you believe it is already Christmas Eve???!!! We had church this morning so we got dressed and headed out the door. Alex brought along his new pillow for the"long" ride to church!

After church, we ran to Wendy's for a quick lunch because Michael and I had to go back to church for our drop-in Communion time. The kids stayed with Grammy and Poppa. After we came back from church, we grabbed a few quick Christmas Eve photos. 

Charlie has "Christmas Crazy" eyes in this picture!

Even though they can drive me crazy, I couldn't love these three any more!!

As if we hadn't had enough church for the day, we headed to a Family Christmas service at Lewisville UMC since it is our one chance a year to participate in worship together as a family. The boys drew pictures during the service. Charlie drew this sweet one of the nativity . . .Alex drew a parking lot.

Finally, it was time for their favorite part of the service - the candles!!!

We came home from church and heated up our dinner - a church member had made us a pork butt and then Michael had picked up some sides from Boston Market. We ate dinner and then set out cookies and milk for Santa. Charlie had brought home Magic Reindeer food from school, so we went outside and sprinkled it on the ground so the reindeer would have something when they arrived.

Now everyone is in bed, presents are under the tree, eggs and pies are cooking and Love Actually is playing in the TV! The kids should be asleep soon!!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Day 23!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! We went to the Nutcracker this year with all three Flack kids. Lucy has been multiple times but this was the boys' first time. It was an hour long shortened version where you got to meet the characters beforehand.

We started getting autographs but then the boys had no interest in getting their pictures taken. Lucy was up for it though!

I have a student who dances with the High Point Ballet so it's always fun to get to see her!

Charlie and Alex both won the raffle they had before the show - they each got a t-shirt. However, they were both more interested in the bows that held the shirt!

We also baked cookies for Santa this afternoon. Usually, we do this on Christmas Eve but since tomorrow is a Sunday, there will be no time!!!!

Decorating was everyone's favorite part. We had icing and sprinkles and everyone's favorite, green gel!

Alex liked dancing around the kitchen like the rats from the Nutcracker - his favorite part of the show was when they were "shaking their butts!"

Cookies for Santa!

After cookies, Michael ran out and got some dinner since I did not feel like cooking anymore this evening. The kids all decided to play dolls together  - it was very sweet!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Day 22!

Today was Christmas with the Flacks! It was lots of fun but since it is late, here are just a few photos to enjoy:

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Day 21!

The boys have been asking and asking so we finally made our gingerbread houses today!

This little boy's excitement level is so high! He can barely control himself from exploding with Christmas joy!

The finished products!!