Monday, June 19, 2017

Lucy's birthday and Father's Day

After our weekend of beach fun, Lucy and I headed home to Grammy's house for her family birthday celebration. That morning we had called to wish her Daddy a Happy Father's Day and she immediately reminded him that she needed her birthday sash! Papa had also gotten Lucy a tiara which completed her birthday princess ensemble!!

We had a yummy lunch and then before all the birthday fun, the kids gave their father's day cards to Michael. He had already gotten his father's day gift - a new playstation controller. (Since the kids had broken one earlier!)

Then it was time to open presents. Lucy was very methodical in her opening - cards were first, followed by smaller presents, saving the biggest one for last.

Lucy got lots of books, a Barnes and Noble giftcard, a movie theater giftcard, money from Mamaw, Aqua Beads, a latchhook kit, Poppits, a nightgown, a necklace with her name on it, some Bath and Body works stuff, and then her big present - a new rug for her room. The boys were more than happy to help open the big box!!

After presents, Lucy was ready for birthday pie!! She didn't want cake or cupcakes this year, but instead wanted her favorite dessert - chocolate chess pie!!

After presents and dessert, we had some play time at Grammy's and then before we left, we tried to get our annual Father's Day picture. It was a typical Father's Day picture . . . Lucy smiling sweetly along with two crazy boys who are all over the place!!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Girl's weekend at the Beach!

One of my best friends from college got married this past weekend in Myrtle Beach. Michael wasn't going to be able to miss church, so Lucy and I took a girls weekend at the beach to celebrate her birthday and to go celebrate Melissa!

We started off with a little outlet shopping!!

After shopping, we rode out to Uncle Day Day's new house. We took our stuff in and then headed up to Broadway at the Beach. We did a little shopping and then ate an early dinner. After dinner, Uncle Day Day bought Lucy a wristband so she could ride the rides to her heart's content!!! She started with the balloon ride and then rode the race cars.

I think she also rode the teacups and then Myrtle Turtle over in the first section of rides. After that, we walked to the central section. David asked Lucy if she wanted to do the big slide and she was a little apprehensive. We finally convinced her to try it when Dave said that he would do it with her. I wasn't sure she was going to go through with it, but she did and once she got down to the bottom, she immediately wanted to go and do it again!!


After the slide, David convinced her to go on the big swings. She loved those as well and had to go and do them again too! I think she loved the feeling of flying!


Next it was time for some tea cup fun!

Lucy wanted to go and do the caterpillar next. She had been upset last summer when she wasn't tall enough, but now she is!!


We rode a few more rides in the last part and then headed to the car. We talked about going to the beach for a walk, but Lucy wanted to go back and ride the slide and the swings again. So we went back to the middle part. When we got there, she announced that she was going to ride the hang glider ride. I couldn't believe it but there she went!! She loved it so much she went back and rode it again!


She also had to do the slide again and the swings. She probably would have stayed and kept riding, but it was getting late and she still wanted dessert. We stopped by Donut Man and then headed home to go to bed.

The next day, we went out to breakfast with David and Bri. Then Lucy decided she wanted to go to the children's museum.

After that, we had a great lunch and then had to head back and get ready for the wedding. It was a wonderful wedding and it so good to get to see friends from college.

After the wedding, we had some time to kill, so Lucy and I went for a quick walk on the beach.

Lucy and Gemma were so cute eating their apples while we waited for the party to start.

Love these girls!!!

After we got left the wedding, Lucy announced that she was still hungry. And of course, what did she want? Crab Legs at Uncle Day Day's restaurant!!!

Then, this morning when Lucy woke up, she found out that Uncle Day Day had decorated the bathroom for her. She loved her surprise on her special day!!!

Lucy wanted to go play on the beach this morning, so we headed out their around 8 AM. It was a beautiful day!! Lucy spent most of her time hunting for shells but we played in the water too.

When we left the beach, I asked her if she had fun to which she quickly replied, "Yes!" Then I asked her if she missed having her brothers there to play with, to which she quickly replied, "Nope!" I think she really enjoyed being spoiled this weekend!

We went back and showered and packed up and then went to breakfast at Eggs Up with Uncle Day Day. Lucy, of course, ordered her french toast!!

We had to say good bye to Uncle Day Day after a super fun weekend with him but hopefully we'll get to see him soon!!

Lucy's last day of school

Lucy's last day of school was June 9th. We had her awards and end of year picnic the day before. The boys were so cute - they walked into school, holding hands. Sweet moments like that just melt my heart!!

Lucy got the "Best Author" award in class and she was so proud of herself! She loves writing and sharing stories, so this award meant so much to her!

Then it was the last day of 2nd grade. . . this smarty pants is headed to 3rd grade!!