Thursday, August 10, 2017

Birthday Boys!

I can't believe I have two five year old boys!!! How did time go so quickly??!! This morning at 6:00 AM, I had a little finger poking me saying, "Mommy, now I'm five!" I had to go to work today so I left this morning and planned to meet them for lunch. The birthday boys, of course, wanted ChickFilA!

Aunt Lauren, Uncle Joe and the girls joined us for lunch. The people at ChickFilA were so nice and gave them balloons and a little stuffed cow for their birthday. After we ate, they opened their presents from Mommy, Daddy and Lucy. The boys liked their Raffi and Sheep shirts!

Lucy was so excited to give them her gift. She had gotten them all of the Lion Guard figures to play on their new toy.

Alex was very excited to open his magnet blocks. Magnet blocks WITH WHEELS is something he has been wanting for a very long time.

Finally, they opened the gift with their Lego house set. Lucy couldn't wait to show them that there was a potty Lego! When does bathroom humor start to lose its appeal???

I had to go back to work after lunch, but everyone else went back to the house and had playtime together. When I got home, it was time to get ready for birthday dinner with grandparents. There was an accident that had shutdown eastbound I-40, so we had to travel a different way to get to Carter Brothers for dinner. Our trip that should have taken 30 minutes took us an hour and 15 minutes!! They were so busy when we got there but we finally got seated and had a nice meal. I didn't even get any pictures at dinner and once we got home, it was time for bed! Oh well. . . 

It seems like these past five years have just flown by . .. maybe not in the day to day struggles, but it does seem like it was just yesterday that they were learning to walk around our house. And now? Well, Charlie sat with me on the couch for a bit when I got home because he wanted to do his "homework." (He has these little workbooks for letter recognition, beginning sounds, etc.) We sat there together and worked on beginning sounds, which at the end of last school year, he just didn't get - he could recognize all the letters, but didn't understand how those letters matched up with the sound. Now we were sitting here and he could answer everything like a pro. I just sat there thinking, "When did this happen? How did he grow up into a KID??" But he has. . . they both have. I am so thankful that I get to be Mom to these amazing two little boys. They are just the sweetest, funniest kids who are just so much fun to be with. Sure, they have their moments (many of them these past few weeks of summer!!), but I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. Happy birthday, Charlie and Alex! Mommy loves you SO much!!

Alex's Favorites at Five Years Old

What is your favorite color? orange
What is your favorite toy? magnets
What is your favorite fruit? oranges
What is your favorite TV show? Mutt and Stuff, Equestria Girls (Thanks to Lucy)
What is your favorite movie? Sing
What is your favorite outfit? sheep shirts
What is your favorite snack? Gummies
What is your favorite book? "My New Friend is So Fun" - an Elephant and Piggie book
Who are your best friends? Charlie, Lucy, Harper, and Rosa
What is your favorite animal? sheep
What is your favorite song? I love my shoes
What is your favorite holiday? Valentine's Day (Because we went to Disney. . . and got candy)
What do you sleep with at night? Scratchy BoBo
What is your favorite drink? Pepsi
What is your favorite breakfast food? blueberry waffle
What do you like to eat for lunch? Chickfila
What do you want to eat for your birthday dinner? Carter Brothers
What do you want to be when you grow up?  a builder

Charlie's Favorites at 5 Years Old

What is your favorite color? pink
What is your favorite toy? Legos
What is your favorite fruit? strawberries
What is your favorite TV show? Paw Patrol, Equestria Girls (Lucy's been introducing them to this!)
What is your favorite movie? Sing
What is your favorite outfit? Pink Shirts, Giraffe shirts
What is your favorite snack? Cupcakes
What is your favorite book? Raffi book . . . then he said and ALL my books!!
Who are your best friends? Raffi and Mommy . . . and Lucy and Alex
What is your favorite animal? Raffi (Giraffes, of course!)
What is your favorite song? All the songs in Sing
What is your favorite holiday? Christmas - because Jesus was born . . .and also presents!
What do you sleep with at night? Raffi
What is your favorite drink? Sunny D
What is your favorite breakfast food? Lucky Charms
What do you like to eat for lunch? Hot Dog with a bun
What do you want to eat for your birthday dinner? Carter Brothers
What do you want to be when you grow up?  A Raffi keeper! (He wants to work in the zoo in the giraffe section)

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Alex and Charlie's birthday party

It's hard to believe these boys are going to be 5 this week!!! Where does time go? Weren't they just turning two??? For their birthday party this year, they wanted to go to the Play Lodge up in Asheville. So on Friday, we drove up the mountain for the day to play.

First things first, I made the boys go and take their picture in the rowboat. They looked at me like I was strange, but I have a picture of them in the rowboat from every time we've gone.

They're getting so big . . .weren't these pictures taken just the other day??!!

I took almost no pictures while we were there . . . so not like me! But they were all running around and having fun, and didn't want to have to stop and say cheese!

After we played, the boys decided on Juicy Lucy for lunch. We had a nice lunch but they were anxious to get to the best part of any birthday celebration - the presents!!

After presents it was time for blowing out candles!!!

I wanted a nice picture of the boys . . . however, that is proving to be difficult these days! They are so silly!!!!

After we finished at Juicy Lucy, we drove down to Gaffney so that we could go to the Prime Outlets. Usually around this time I am at Choral Fest and I stop by and get Lucy a bookbag from the Pottery Barn outlet. However, there was no Choral Fest this year. It was a good weekend to go to the outlets though because it was tax free shopping in SC. We got Lucy's bookbag for $12 even! We also purchase new tennis shoes for everyone at the Nike outlet and got a few other clothing items while we were there. The kids and Michael sat and ate sno cones while I did a little shopping for me too! :)

We got home late, but I had promised the boys a little bit of play time with their new toys before bed. They wanted to play with the Lion Guard set so we had a little fun with that and our new Star Wars toys before heading to bed.

The last few days have been filled with playing with new toys - Lincoln Logs ( or "Linking Logs" as the boys call them), Tinker Toys, dress up, and cars! Hopefully, these new toys will keep them occupied for their last two weeks of summer vacation before we return to school!

More Random Summer Fun

I pulled photos off my phone from the past few weeks - I don't pick up the camera very often, it seems! (Of course, who wants to see pictures of my kids making giant messes and yelling at each other??) So here are a few of the fun and cute moments from the past month. . .

Fun times playing at Gramma's house  .  . .

We took a trip up to see Mama Mae and Charlie and Lhen. .  .

They played so hard at Mama Mae's that they slept the whole way home!

These boys love to build!!

For the last two weeks, we had swim lessons. Lucy loved to watch the boys as they had their lesson since hers was not until later.

Lucy's lessons!

Charlie likes to wear shirts with giraffes . . .his favorite animal. However, when all his giraffe shirts are dirty, he'll settle for his socks with giraffes!

Another big thing at our house right now is dress up. I found this chef costume at Wee-Runs and for the past week, someone has been a chef at our house almost every hour of the day!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Summer Time Fun

I haven't taken many pictures this summer, but we have been busy! No big summer trips, so mostly just hanging around at home. However, we've had a few fun outings. Back in June, we went to Dan Nicholas Park with my college roommate and her kids. We always have a good time there!

Of course, Charlie had to ride the giraffe!!

Train Ride!

Gem Mining

A fun day!

The boys have enjoyed playing dress up a lot this summer - in fact, for their birthday, they have asked for some more dress up clothes!

We had a big time at the splash pad!

 Lucy's friend, Jessica, is moving at the end of July, so we met up with her for a play date at the Children's museum . . . .I think this is one of our kids favorite places!!

Alex liked pretending to be a veterinarian!

Jessica doesn't care for having her picture taken, but don't let that fool you! These girls had the best time playing together!!

More dress up!

We went to the movie theater to see the new Despicable Me movie. They have recliners now and the kids LOVED them!

I took a 2 week class up in Boone this summer so the kids came up to visit. They love gem mining, so we took them to a place up there called "Doc's Rocks."

After you go through your bucket, you can sit down with them and they will tell you what everything is. I didn't think that would appeal to them, but they loved it. The boys were especially thrilled to discover that one of their rocks was fossilized poop!!

While we were up there, we walked around campus with the kids. Grammy, Great-Daddy, and aunts and uncles all went to ASU, so we showed the kids a few key places, like Grammy's old dorm!!

Of course, out of everything we saw, the kids favorite thing was the walkways underneath the road!!

Now we are finishing up swim lessons and getting ready for the boys birthday party. Then next week it's back to work for me! Hard to believe this summer is almost over!!